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Trish's Journal

What it says on the box

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Who-wha-huh? Oh! Yeah. The bio. =) *blush* Right.

The name's Trish. I went to college and got an English degree in the hopes of being a writer, but I realized I'm better off with steady money (hah!), so I'm currently working at an elementary school as a teacher's aide in a classroom of kids with special needs, and I'm hoping to go back to school and get my teaching degree fairly soon. I still plan to write and do lots of other geeky things during the summers/in my spare time, though. ;-) De plus, je parle français en fait, et je crains de l'oublier si je ne l'utilise jamais! Alors, si vous parlez français aussi, soyez le bienvenu de me parler!

I live in Indiana, which isn't overwhelmingly exciting or glamourous, but at least its relatively peaceful and only mildly chaotic.

I like a lot of different and interesting things -- *points to interests below* -- and I am interested in meeting/talking to a lot of different and interesting people as well. =) *not-so-subtle hint, heheh*

Friend/de-friend as you please. If I've friended you and you can't seem to figure out why, you might want to read this post.

This journal contains:

- rabid fangirling (!!!eleventies!)
- occasional swearing I'm working on it!
- childish giggling
- rampant abuse of: capslock, w00t, =D, ^_^, :-P, and o_O
- near-obsessive editing of entries
- definitely obsessive talk about music & movies
- the errant Fifty Million Posts In A Single Day
- the occasional diatribe against The Man and/or Chanting Down of Babylon, and
- the obligatory pissing and moaning, among other things.

If any of this bothers you, PLEASE TURN BACK NOW. ;-) You have been duly warned.

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